The Australian scientists greening ammonia for a sustainable future

Monash University has exclusively licensed a new green ammonia technology to start-up Jupiter Ionics, a company co-founded by some of the technology’s principal developers. The technology, first announced in June, offers a completely new way to produce a greener version of this essential chemical.

Their licensing announcement in November 2021 is the latest in a string of bids to develop leading ammonia technologies in Australia that can propel this (currently) deeply polluting but vital chemical towards a greener future. Other techniques have been developed by researchers at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales (UNSW). Commercial outfits ranging from up-starter new energy enterprises to the established bastions of the energy industry are vying for a slice of this renewable pie.

Jupiter Ionics says it has secured seed funding of $2.5 million to scale up the technology for commercial use. If successful, the technology has transformative potential.

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